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Your cloud-based PACS

DICOM integration

Security and Agility

Store images for 20 years

Acess from anywhere


Digital Signature


Voice Recognition

Digital Dictation


White-Label Web Portal

Mobile Apps

Images and Reports

For Patients and Physicians

The exam bag
that fits in your pocket

In addition to the Patient Portal, your patients and referring physicians can access images and reports by an App. Convenience and practicality for exam delivery.

Security and Connectivity
São Camilo
Agility in Exam Management
Hospital Adventista
Multimodality Integration
Hospital Amecor

Smart Radiology

From Diagnostic Imaging Centers to Telemedicine projects. From Clinics of Dental Radiology to Cardiology Centers. Get to know now the biggest and best platform for cloud-based exam management!


Unique 100% cloud platform with ANVISA and HIPAA compliance. Much more security and protection for your exams and private data of your patients.

Diagnostic quality

Dozens of tools for manipulating and processing images. Native integration with leading local market viewers (OsiriX, eFilm, Radiant, etc.).


Web Workstation with key imaging, digital dictation and image sharing between radiologists and referring physicians.

Storage for 20 years

Images and reports stored with encryption and replication for at least 20 years. Audit and control so that your diagnostic center can have maximum security.


"The connectivity that the Medcloud platform provides is a strategic and important tool in the engagement of patients and health professionals."

Dr. Ewaldo Russo Ex-president @ Fleury Group


"I realized that the services offered by Medcloud were worth it from the beginning, because the ease that the system offers, coupled with the speed of implementation, contributed to the standardization of the procedures within Unirad.”

Fernando Martins Pereira Managing Partner @ Unirad


"That was a demand that the patients themselves began to demand, we were sending the exams via e-mail, but having a platform that does it in a more organized way, besides optimizing our time, is something that brings safety for the patient."

Dr. Renê Veras Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiologist @ Cortex Diagnostic Neurology


"You speak our language. Before we had difficulty asking for something and being taken care of, and with Medcloud that does not happen, we can perceive through all the support from the implementation until today that there is always a concern in helping us."

Dr. Laete Martins dos Santos General Clinical Surgeon and Partner @ ImageMais


"The patient comes to do an X-ray, for example, the doctor who is working at home, and immediately praises and the result comes out in 15 minutes, the patient did not come home and already has the result."

Dr. Vicente Salek Director of Operations @ CISP


"Before Medcloud, we needed a pendrive or CD to record the images, and then move to another workstation, offering them via Dropbox or Wetransfer, so it was a job that demanded a certain workforce and time."

Mv. Leonardo Janini Radiologist

Conectivity for Health

Notifications via Watch e App

Alerts for sharing exams and messages

Emergency request for reports and 2nd opinion

Download eBook about online exams delivery.

Access on multiple devices, even on your TV - coming soon!

The Android TV app gives you access to exam reports, images, and exam attachments with the image quality that only a TV can deliver.

High resolution image quality

Comfort and practicality

Without leaving the couch

Lara: your AI

Lara, the Medcloud AI can assist health professionals in the analysis of previously authorized source data, providing evidence-based insights for even more assertive treatment, diagnosis and decision-making.

Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning

Precision Medicine

Medcloud Network

The Medcloud Network is the place where clinics and hospitals that require specialists find radiologists seeking to offer their reports via Teleradiology. Unlike a Marketplace, the projects are intermediated individually and customized, with all the safety and practicality of the Medcloud platform.

Security and Compliance: NGS2, ANVISA and HIPAA

In accordance with resolution CFM 2.107 / 2014

Customizable: the clinic and hospital in control

✔ Prepaid

✔ DICOM, HL7 and API integration

✔ Voice, reports, images and attachments

✔ Unlimited accounts and access

✔ Monthly support fee via ticket, email and phone

✔ Free instalation

$ 100 Monthly
✔ Monthly subscription

✔ DICOM, HL7 and API integration

✔ Voice, reports, pictures, and attachments

✔ Unlimited accounts and access

✔ Free ticket, email and telephone support

✔ Free instalation

$ 100 Monthly
✔ Monthly subscription

✔ Pro-S + Local Storage Integrations

✔ Voice, reports, images and attachments

✔ Unlimited accounts and access

✔ Free ticket, email and telephone support

✔ Free instalation

$ 100 Monthly

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