• Connectivity & Management For Tests and Reports

  • Benefits and Improvements: From Registration to Test Sharing

  • Customizable Solutions to Your Company's Challenges

Medcloud | 2016 Latin American Cloud-based Medical Services Customer Service Leadership Award

#1 Cloud-Based Medical Solution in South America by Frost & Sullivan

Connectivity and integrated health management

We make the test management more flexible, intuitive and efficient in all its phases.

Send and Store

Send or receive tests from any location easily, storing them fulltime with automated backup routines.

Access and Collaborate

Access tests, anytime, anywhere, through a flexible management and reporting tool.

Share and Engage

Share tests with patients and doctors, engaging them through a modern patient portal and App.

Optimizing The Clinical Workflow

From Diagnostic Imaging Centers to Telemedicine projects. From Dental Companies to Cardiology Centers. A common challenge: managing the information of patients and their exams, in a secure and reliable way. More than just increasing productivity, Medcloud offers timely and uncomplicated solutions for the entire life cycle in healthcare data management.

Highly visible and immediate return on investment

Financial benefits that positively impact workflow and patient care.

Quality-productivity-oriented solution: 20% more patients, mobile access, satisfaction of the clinical staff and referring physicians.

95% reduction in time to access reports and images. 70% + agility in data transfer. 98% reduction in consumables and printed materials. 55% cost reduction in infrastructure and I.T.

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Integrated to any system, customized your way

Uncomplicated and strategic management - for your business to grow even more.

Everything your clinic needs in just one click. Literally.

Forget the bureaucracy, high costs and problems with systems deployment. Focus only on your business and explore a complete and secure platform.

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Your team always productive, anywhere, anytime

Create users and group access: receive, send, access and share tests with just a few clicks.

A browser. An Internet connection. Okay, you already have the necessary to view tests.

Receive tests by DICOM locally or externally to its environment. View them online through a flexible DICOM Viewer. Explore upload resources and download images and attachments, as well as integration with their own local workstation. Automatically access the patient's medical history and the tools to create medical reports.

Also compatible with leading DICOM Viewers for Mac and Windows environments:

OsiriX Radiant

Access studies. Scan files. Share diagnoses. From the palm of your hand.

Your worklist is always with you because productive workflows never stop.

Connectivity to Improve Healthcare.

Experience a new way of accessibility and connectivity on-demand. It has never been so easy to discuss and share medical cases.

Your Portable Scanner.

Integrate your cloud storage account on your smarpthone for sending files, or scan on-the-fly documents with your camera.

Pending studies. Tests already shared. Priorities. We've made the management of your worklist more intuitive and simple, for you to do more in less time.

Whether through collaborative or private worklists, manage studies using pre-defined filters made the selection tests even easier. All major features are a click away, such as digital dictation, voice recognition, patient's medical history and reports.

Highly available, scalable and secure storage.

Regardless of the size or type of your files, your studies are compatible with our platform. Moreover, each file is stored in a robust hierarchical storage structure, to ensure high availability, anytime.

Zero-Footprint Viewer.

Tracings, 3D dental files, odontograms, fundus and more.

Your Web Robot Recorder.

Share complete exams with images, reports, videos and reconstructions.

Your voice. Without licenses.

Capture your voice to digital dictation and transcription voice-text, or integrate Medcloud with its voice recognition system. Use voice messages linked to studies to facilitate the understanding of diagnosis.

Your report editor. Enhanced.

Create structured reports in PDF format with digital certification and digitized signature. Automate the process of issuing by using standard and descriptive reports. Translate reports for more than 100 languages. Monitor changes on reports with traceability and versioning features.

Meet your new folder of medical tests

Available in your daily workflow and in the pocket of your patients.

Develop, convenient, accessible relationships.

Your patients are online all the time. How about you?

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Meet our communication plan to engage patients and doctors.

Get to know your new patient portal


Just two taps away.


Access and share reports in real time. It has never been so easy to keep the medical history of your patients organized.


Scan anamneses, medical applications, reports and previous tests with the camera of your mobile device.

Start today

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  • DICOM, HL7 and API integration
  • Unlimited tests(Pay for tests you manage within our platform - no subscription needed)
  • Voice, reports, images and attachments
  • Unlimited accounts and access
  • Support via ticket, email and phone
  • Setup/Installation Free
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  • DICOM, HL7 and API integration
  • Unlimited tests(Progressive discounts in relation to the Starter plan)
  • Voice, reports, images and attachments
  • Unlimited accounts and access
  • Support via ticket, email and phone
  • Setup/Installation Free
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  • DICOM (Sync client: access cloud data locally on your computer), HL7 and API integration
  • Unlimited tests(Progressive discounts in relation to the Starter plan)
  • Voice, reports,
    images and
  • All other features and
    services of the
    Pro-S plan
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Special conditions and bonuses: — Optimized contracting conditions for migrations from other systems, popular clinics, public/teaching hospitals and social impact projects. The Pro-S and Pro-X plans include the transfer of smartphones and tablets depending on the monthly volume of studies contracted.

Doubts? — For more information on pricing, please contact our team to present the best options for your project. Contact Us

Reliable and secure

Millions of managed exams. Projects in 4 countries.

The use of Medcloud helps us to have daily control of our X-ray operations. So we feel much more confident with our digital processes, establishing a closer relationship with our franchises and increasing the quality of the treatments.


Ian SpechtNew business @ Odontoclinic - largest franchise of dental clinics in Brazil

The connectivity that the Medcloud platform provides is a strategic and important tool in engaging patients and health professionals.

Dr. Ewaldo Russo

Dr. Ewaldo RussoFormer president @ Fleury Group

Medcloud es un sistema ágil, practico y multiplataforma, que brinda al odontologo una manera rápida y moderna de almacenar los estudios de su paciente, sin importar donde se encuentre.

Pablo Vila

Pablo VilaORI @ Montevideo - Uruguay

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